So What Is Hardscape?

Hardscape is any of the non-living stuff in your landscape design such as rocks, bricks and pavers. It could also include structures like pergolas, which are used specifically in your landscape.

Tips for Using Hardscape in Your Design

  • Make sure that your hardscaping matches or complements the exterior and the interior of your house. You want the two environments to appear to flow together seamlessly. If, for example, there is stone on the exterior of your home, incorporate that into your hardscaping.
  • Landscaping should be like a journey for the eyes. You want to create a focal point to draw the viewer’s gaze, but there should also be one or two places for the eyes to rest along the way.
  • Include curves and rounded edges in your design. Having too many straight lines will make the landscape feel unnatural. It should feel like it was unplanned yet retain visual appeal.
  • There are many practical points to take into consideration such as how your design will affect drainage. Make sure to plan for drainage so that the landscape is neither flooded nor deprived of water. Both situations could be disastrous.
  • Make sure to settle hardscaping below the frost line. You do not want to put all that time and energy into creating a landscape only to have it completely destroyed in the next few years by the natural expansion and contraction of the earth when it thaws and freezes.

Using landscaping and hardscaping can create a visually appealing outdoor experience around your home. Knowing the difference between them, how to use them, and how to get them to work together will make it easier to create that experience. 

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